The Most Beautiful Perennial Garden Plants

By Sam Feeder , last updated August 10, 2011

Opinion obviously comes into play when trying to determine the most beautiful perennial garden plants, but there are some which stand out above all the rest for either their unique blooms or jaw-dropping array or intensity of color. What's best about perennials as opposed to annuals is that they will stay alive and continue to bloom for several years in a row as opposed to annuals which will only last one season of the year. Check out some of the most beautiful perennial garden plants out there.

Blackberry Lily

Lilies are often striking based on their intense colors,be it white or any other color, and the openness of the flower. The Blackberry Lily is a perennial which takes those qualities to the next level with a speckled maroon, yellow and orange coloring inside of its petals and along the stamens of each flower, looking like they were each painted like side of a salmon. Their seeds will cluster together like blackberries, which is where the flower's name comes from.

Bletila Striata

Orchids require a very specific climate and a lot of care to grow properly as a regular garden perennial but if you have the skills and the environment to pull this off properly you will have spectacularly beautiful results. The Bletila Striata is one of the hardier types of these beautiful orchids which is originally native to the more temperate areas of Asia. It is different shades of pink and is truly breathtaking when it is in full bloom.

Daglori Gem

These large, ornately colored perennial flowers are also known as Iberis or Candytufts, as they appear to have a number of flowers all grouped together, making what looks like one massive flower. These are, in truth, clusters of white aging to light lavender flowers, grouped together to draw in insects and allow them to pollinate as many flowers as possible. However, what makes the white stand out to both humans and insects alike even more are their dark green to black leaves.

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