The Most Comfortable Mens Underwear

By Sam Feeder , last updated October 4, 2011

The most comfortable mens underwear varies from man to man based on what types of underwear he likes to wear and what he does in his everyday life. As men have a lot more to contain with their underwear in general, it is important for them to be comfortable and well adjusted when they are standing and sitting throughout the day. Awkwardly fidgeting on a regular basis is not attractive. While no underwear has been invented yet that stops these adjustments entirely, there are incredibly comfortable mens underwear styles out there that will reduce this embarrassing need that a man will have to pull at his crotch. Check out some of the most comfortable mens underwear listed below.


For men who are sedentary throughout the day and don't mind having their package contained and unable to really move freely throughout the day, briefs are the ideal underwear. These tighter garments hold to the groin area on a man and are the most similar to women's underwear in the sense that they cover only what they need to cover and nothing more. By tightly holding everything together for a man who is sitting at a desk or in meetings, briefs leave less of a need to figet, adjust and walk around. This underwear can also be warm, which is ideal for men who are in cold environments regularly. However, when it is warm outside, this brief style of underwear can lead to excess sweating, which will often feel uncomfortable.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs offer the best of both worlds in the sense that they offer support for a man, but also a little room to move. These styles of boxers are basically skin-tight short shorts that have elastic around the waist and the bottom of each leg. Comfortable for men who spend their days on the go or for men who plan to wear them when doing something athletic, boxer briefs also look more attractive for men who are in good shape, by fitting to the form of their body nicely. However, like briefs they can also get warm very quickly as they hold in a lot of heat, which isn't ideal for men who sweat a lot and are in hot environments. And even though they have the tight quality of briefs, the added room of the boxer causes small movements which can lead to uncomfortable moments throughout the day, though less so then with everyday boxers.

Silk Boxers

Boxers can be made from a number of different materials and one of the most comfortable of these materials is silk, as it is soft and cool against the skin. Silk boxers have traditionally been worn by men who are being leisurely and relaxing on a weekend at home or on a vacation, as they allow a lot of airflow and are perfect for lounging around in. However, silk boxers quickly become uncomfortable when you are doing anything physical in them or wear pants that are too tight, as they don't release heat well and tend to ride up the leg. So, only wear these comfortable silk boxers in specifically comfortable situations.

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