The Most Comfortable Satin Pajamas for Women

By Heidi Green , last updated August 22, 2011

The most comfortable satin pajamas for women have a generous fit and few seams. In addition to being a luxurious personal indulgence, satin pajamas also make a wonderful gift. Read on to discover the most comfortable styles of satin pajamas and where to find them.

After Hours Satin Pajamas by Victoria's Secret

The signature After Hours Satin Pajamas from Victoria's Secret are the ultimate in comfort. This set includes a full length sleep pant and a button-down, long-sleeved shirt. Two medium pockets on the front of the shirt add charm, while the rolled hems on the edge of the sleeves and pants provide an even better fit. The elastic waistband on the pants is forgiving, and the roomy top fits like a luxurious men's work shirt. Available in a range of patterns and solid colors, these pajamas are perfect for fall and winter wear, but they're also light enough for summer and spring. Simply put, they'll be your year-round favorite.

Carole Hochman Simply Satin Pajama Set

If you're looking for a pair of satin pajamas, but don't like the traditional button-down front that most sets offer, check out the Simply Satin Pajama Set from Carole Hochman. A full-length pair of sleep pants features a comfortable elastic waistband, while the top is a roomy, pullover scoop neck tee with cap sleeves. The hems are shirred just a little for a dainty effect, and the overall fit is generous, but still feminine. Because of the cute cut of the shirt, these pajamas can also serve as casual loungewear. Though they're only available in black, they'll be a standard in your pajama repertoire!

When shopping for great satin pajamas, be on the lookout for cheap or imitation material. For even more comfort, consider a satin material blend that's made with a little bit of stretchy material, like modal or Lycra. These types of material will allow your satin pajamas to give a little, making them even more comfortable!

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