The Most Flattering Haircuts for an Oval Face

By Ellis Friedman , last updated August 12, 2011

Finding the most flattering haircut for your face shape is an absolute must, whether it be oval, round, long, or heart shaped. Just a haircut can do a lot for your overall appearance, and if you’re aiming to look your best, knowing what hair style best suits you will help you achieve your goal. The best hair styles for you depend on your hair type and your face shape. For those with an oval face, here are some of the most flattering haircuts just for you.

The Oval Shape

Considered the ‘ideal’ face shape, an oval face is one of the most versatile in terms of carrying a hairstyle. If your face has an oval shape, you won’t need to rely on a haircut to soften your features. To determine if you have an oval face, stand before a mirror and draw back your hair. Using lipstick or a dry erase marker, trace the outline of your face onto your mirror and look at the shape. Generally, oval faces have rounded, higher foreheads with narrower chins, and the overall length of an oval face is about one and a half times its width.

Short and Cropped

If you want to go short and you have an oval face, you’re in luck, as shorter styles can be incredibly flattering to the oval face shape. Short hairstyles are not only easy to style day to day, but can easily go from day to night with minimal maintenance. Make sure to ask for very short layers of an equal length of about two inches. Because the short style will show the back of your neck, your stylist should use an electric razor to shave off stray hairs. You may also need to do this at home yourself from time to time.


A classic bob works very well with oval faces. Bobs can go from short and chin-length to just above the shoulder. If you’re looking for a more modern take on the bob, ask your stylist about the inverted bob, which involves cutting the hair shorter at the back and gets longer towards the front, creating eye-catching angles. If you feel your forehead is high or that your face is particularly long, as some oval faces tend to be, you can opt for some bangs to balance out your face.

Long Layers

In addition to short and medium styles, oval faces can also wear long, luxurious layered styles. When getting a long hairstyle, ask your stylist for long to medium layers, not short layers, as longer layers grow out more evenly. To help balance a longer face and a longer hair ut, ask for some cheek-length layers.


As with hairstyles, oval faces can wear most parts well, so get adventurous with your parts. Middle, side, or even zigzag, interesting parts can spice up a tried and true hairstyle. For longer oval faces, parting on the side can help balance your face, and the longer your face, the farther to the side you should part your hair. Or, for something ultra-modern and minimalist, go for a sharp part straight down the middle.

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