Most Popular Industries for Successfully Finding Jobs Today

By Stacy Zeiger , last updated November 5, 2011

As the unemployment rate in the United States stays high, it is important to remember that not all industries are facing a decrease in employment. Many industries are experiencing significant growth in their employment numbers. Getting the training necessary to become a part of these industries could be the key to getting off unemployment by finding a new, and often lucrative, career.

Healthcare Industry

Known for long hours and a high-stress workplace, the healthcare industry is always in need of workers and most jobs in the industry are immune to the stress of positions such as on-call doctors and hospital nurses. While doctors typically make large salaries, other members of the healthcare industry also have the chance to make large salaries and earn promotions.

Nurses are in high-demand throughout the United States. You may choose to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN), which is the lowest level of nursing, by taking courses at a local community or technical college. Nurses in these positions are typically not large wage earners, but may have the opportunity for overtime as they assist nurses with basic procedures. In even higher demand are registered nurses (RN) who have completed more training, such as receiving an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in nursing, and are qualified to perform more complex procedures. The majority of RNs work in hospital environments and have the opportunity to earn overtime and receive quality benefits packages.

With the complexities of the insurance industry, many doctor’s offices and hospitals employ individuals to help code patient charts and bill insurance companies. Work in medical billing and coding often requires passing an exam demonstrating general knowledge of the industry and specific codes. While most jobs are entry-level, they provide a steady paycheck and opportunities to be promoted to management.

Technology Industry

When many think of the technology industry, they think of the dot com bubble during the late 1990s and early 2000s. While Internet businesses may be unstable, the technology industry as a whole is booming. Software developers, computer engineers and computer programmers are in high-demand at a variety of technology-based companies. Many companies seek to provide innovative technology in the fields of medicine, education and other industries. Jobs range from video game developers to programmers and engineers working to develop the latest gadgets.

As technology improves, the need for knowledgeable technicians also increases. Individuals with the ability to quickly repair computers and other gadgets may find a place working for an electronics store, technology-based company or find clients to support a home-based business. Many schools and large companies also hire individuals to oversee the technology used by the organization and make sure it works properly and that they continue to use the latest software.

Financial Industry

While the financial industry has taken a dive in areas such as mortgage lending, there are still jobs available in other areas. Around tax season, Certified Public Accountants are always in high-demand and may be hired in temporary positions by large companies such as H&R Block to help individuals with their taxes. As people become wary about investing, financial analysts are also in high-demand to help individuals find ways to keep their money safe.

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