The Most Popular Men's Hairstyles for 2012

By Ashley Berg , last updated February 16, 2012

The most popular men’s hairstyles for 2012 are proving to be youthful in style, casual yet still business appropriate, and require some maintenance to achieve. If you are looking to change up your look for something a little more modern, eye-catching, and flattering, check out some of these new cuts that are sure to garner envious looks from friends, and adoring glances from appreciative ladies. Keep in mind that whether your look is conservative or relaxed, regular upkeep is essential to appearing pulled-together and dashing rather than unkempt and apathetic. Remember, even the coveted bed-head style requires care.

The Justin Bieber

Though many may react negatively just to the name alone, Justin Bieber actually has one of the most popular hairstyles around. His previous style was youthful to the extreme, but his current look is playful, easy to manage, and flattering on a number of face shapes, as well as surprisingly versatile to stylize. Tell your barber or hairstylist that you want an all-around jagged-edge cut that will give you volume but follow the shape of your head. Bangs can be kept casual or add some product to sweep them to the side or back and up. It will take you only ten minutes to polish your look and be on your way.

The George Clooney

For a more classic style that is subtly updated for a modern handsome look you cannot go wrong with the George Clooney. It is short and trim, and extremely professional, while still offering a bit of dashing appeal. Great for older men with their fair share of salt-and-pepper coloration, the Clooney has faded sides with a longer textured top. A little product keeps all hairs in line, so you might try Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech. Maintenance is simple, but you must get regular trims to ensure this style stays polished, even a little procrastination will show through quickly.

The Ashton Kutcher

Tight fades may sound restricting to some who prefer a more carefree and soft look. Longer-haired guys can still have a stylish hairstyle that is easy to maintain and looks great for any occasion. Check out Ashton Kutcher’s grown out shag for how to maturely wear a longer cut. His recently cleaned up look is thanks to his new gig on TV, and while it may not be the surfer-chic locks of a month ago, it still retains a lot of length and plenty of opportunities for women to run their hands through your hair. Keeping your follicles soft is essential to touchable, flowing style so avoid crunchy gels and opt for soft pomades to create your natural look.

The Jon Hamm/Don Draper

Though Jon Hamm’s hairstyle during the off season is more akin to Kutcher’s, his look for Mad Men playing Don Draper is a dapper throwback to 60s’ sharply controlled aesthetic. This look employs a severe side part and brush over, and looks best on classically masculine-faced men with angular jaws and long faces. You need plenty of product to keep this look shiny with every hair in place, so stock up on some Brylcreem.

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