The Most Prevalent Types of Insects in Ohio

By Shannon C , last updated May 13, 2011

The state of Ohio has a rich and varied history in its own right, but what you might not expect is that insects are included in Ohio's history books. Ohio has a flourishing insect culture and more than 29 insect species are listed on Ohio's History Central website, complete with photos and descriptions. Additionally, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has collected number of insect species and put them on display in its Invertebrate Zoology exhibit. The Ohio insect culture has been studied in depth by the National Science Foundation and hundreds of visitors enjoy perusing the exhibits each month. Learn more about the most prevalent types of insects in Ohio, including the state insect, the Ladybug.

The Ladybug

The Ladybug is actually a member of the Lady Beetle family. With more than 5,000 species of Ladybug in existence today, about 450 of which have been registered as seen in the United States. All 88 counties in the state of Ohio are home to the Ladybug, which has been the official state insect since 1975. The state has not designated a specific species of Ladybug as its state insect, keeping it general and simply providing education and study opportunities in partnership with New York's Cornell University.

The Clouded Sulfur Butterfly

The Clouded Sulfur Butterfly is another insect that is present throughout the state of Ohio. The butterfly gets its name from its bright yellow wing color, which begins to exhibit dark edges and dark or silver spots as the butterfly matures. Females of the species are occasionally seen with a green and white color combination as well, but most Clouded Sulfur butterflies are yellow with black edging on their wings.

The Dragonfly and Damselfly

Dragonflies and Damselflies are common throughout Ohio. Dragonflies belong to the family of Odonata, which also includes Damselflies and numbers more than 5,000 species throughout the world. Of the 450 species of Dragonfly and Damselfly present in the United States, 162 reside in Ohio.

The Honey Bee

Thankfully, the gradual reduction in numbers of the common Honey Bee has not yet made its way to Ohio. The state numbers many Honey Bees which enjoy making their home in hollowed out trees wherever a suitable location can be found. In addition to colonies bred in captivity, there are many wild colonies that call Ohio home.

The Japanese Beetle

The Japanese Beetle, that multi-hued, rosebush-loving black denizen of the Scarab family, is found throughout Ohio, destroying flower gardens and rose bushes wherever they may be found. Japanese Beetles also enjoy eating leaves, grass, and fruits, leaving behind a lacelike pattern that is a sure sign they have visited.

The Mosquito

Of the more than 2,700 types of mosquitos present worldwide, Ohio is home to more than 60 of them. The Northern House Mosquito is the most prevalent species, but overall, Ohio is a very itchy place to live when the spring and summer arrives.

The Walkingstick

The Walkingstick is one of the more fascinating insects that calls Ohio home. With its long, stick-like body, often registering four inches or longer, the Walkingstick is a slow-moving, nocturnal insect that is rarely noticed unless disturbed.

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