NCAA Division II Scholarships

By Joseph King , last updated January 9, 2012

Division II sports scholarships are given to students who demonstrate excellence in a certain athletic endeavor as well academic ability. Athletes who are given division II scholarships may accept them because they are unable or unwilling to play sports at a division I level. Many student athletes simply value academics too much to devote the amount of time needed and for that reason choose to go division one.

Since division II schools often have smaller and less well funded athletic departments it students may often have to market themselves in order to get offers for a scholarship. There are several things, in addition to playing well that students can do to increase their chances of getting a division II sports scholarship. There are a number of combines and showcases, which scouts from schools attend, that students can go to demonstrate their skills. Speaking with your athletic director is a good way to find out about events like this.

Students should also talk to their coach or athletic director about connections they may have with schools. While no one can ever guarantee a scholarship having a connection will at least make sure you get a fair look. Often students will need to submit a video highlight reel composed of both in-game and out of game footage. Highlights should help show the unique skills and talents of a particular athlete. You coach may be able to help you edit and properly format you video to standards requested by certain schools.

Since academics are a bigger focus of many division II schools, students with great test scores and grades may have an easier time getting a scholarship. When trying to sell yourself to the school, be sure to highlight academic achievements and skills. Make sure you keep a positive attitude and apply to a large number of schools to increase your chances of getting a scholarships offer.

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