Oak Leaf Holly Care

By Heidi Green , last updated January 24, 2012

Just a little different than the average holly, the Oak Leaf Holly is a special variety that can add a charming touch to any yard. While most hollies are either male or female and need to be planted next to one another in order to produce fruit, the Oak Leaf Holly has both male and female flower parts inside of each flower, meaning it will produce beautiful red berries on its own. The Oak Leaf Holly also has deep green leaves that are shaped like the leaves of an oak tree. In order to properly care for your Oak Leaf Holly, follow these planting and maintenance tips to keep this evergreen plant thriving year round.

Planting Oak Leaf Holly

Oak Leaf Hollies prefer full sun, though they will tolerate some shade. Select an appropriate planting spot, then dig a hole as deep as your plant's original container but twice as wide. If you're planting more than one Oak Leaf Holly, be sure to space them at least five feet apart. Poor quality soil can be amended with peat moss or compost. Once you've dug the hole, place the root ball inside and fill in the area with soil. Pack the soil firmly and water the plant thoroughly.

Care and Maintenance

Though hollies typically don't need a lot of water, they will need to be watered generously during their first year of growth. This will ensure a strong root system. Though you should water them regularly in the beginning, do not over saturate the soil, as hollies can develop root rot in wet environments. Fertilize your Oak Leaf Holly early in the spring before the growth season. This plant can be sheared or pruned into a hedge or shape for a manicured appearance. For the fullest berry production, aim to prune the plant in the spring.

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