Perfect 10th Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

By Nicole Davis , last updated October 26, 2011

Finding the perfect 10th anniversary gift for your husband can seem like a challenging task. It’s hard enough on an ordinary occasion to get your man memorable gifts he’ll adore, but the 10th wedding anniversary in particular is one of first truly important landmarks in your marriage. After all, you’ve just made it through your first decade together! If you really want to celebrate the occasion in style and get him something he’ll treasure through your 20th, try looking into a few of these great 10th anniversary gift options.

The 10th anniversary is traditionally the anniversary of tin and aluminum. These metals represent strength as well as the necessary malleable nature of a lasting marriage. In modern times however, it's also common to exchange items containing diamonds and diamond jewelry. Although it may seem strange, there are actually many wonderful gift ideas containing tin your husband will love. Get him a heart shaped tin and fill it with his favorite homemade cookies and treats. You can also surprise him with useful tin gifts for his desk like tin or aluminum paperweights, candle tins, tin lined picture frames with a special photo of the two of you and more. He’ll love handy aluminum items for around the kitchen like anodized cookware if he’s into making his own home cooked meals on occasion.

If you’d rather take the diamond route but aren’t sure what masculine gifts contain diamonds, you’ll be pleased to know there are in fact quite a few excellent choices. Buy him diamond cufflinks or tiepins he can wear day-to-day for his professional attire You can also get him a watch or keepsake studded with the clear or golden diamonds. Don’t be afraid to get creative and customize your diamond gift with a unique engraved message for an additional personal touch.

Another option is going with the traditional 10th anniversary gemstone of blue sapphire. Wow him with a keepsake box studded with these precious gems. Or how about a watch with diamonds and blue sapphires to show off to all his friends and co-workers? He’ll love a new fishing set or tackle box in aluminum with sapphire gems on top. If cost is not an issue, be sure to customize your gift online and discover even more choices.

One other wonderful 10th anniversary gift your husband will love is one that comes straight from the heart. Your significant other will love something homemade just as much if not more than diamonds, aluminum, and gems. The homemade option is always a great one for any anniversary when you make it personal, special, and dedicate the time to make it just right. Try creating a one-of-a-kind scrapbook filled with pictures and keepsakes from things you’ve done together over the years or even just the past year or two. Alternatively, write him a ten-line love poem summing up your favorite things about your marriage together thus far. You can put it in a tin frame for him to keep in a place he sees every day.

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