Popular Bathroom Paint Colors

By Anna Orchard , last updated January 16, 2012

Although the bathroom is often the smallest room in the house, it is one of the most utilized, so why not spruce up your wash room with popular paint colors? Painting your bathroom is an easy way to create a look that represents your style. After all, you’ll be in there every day, so you may as well enjoy it! Rather than sticking with dull walls, painting them a different color allows you to experiment with the look of the bathroom without paying to re-do the entire room. Because it is typically a small space, painting is something you can easily do yourself without necessarily having to hire anyone (although roping in a few friends with an offer to repay the favor might make it more fun and faster!).

Choosing a paint color is often the trickiest part of the process. While the most popular bathroom paint colors tend to be in the white and beige family, these are not the most exciting or original colors, although they can be very practical. To help you pick a paint color that suits your home and personality, here are some tips to get you started.


This paint color gives any bathroom that traditional clean look, which is now seen as a modern minimalist look. If you love the minimalist style, and are good at keeping the bathroom clean, white may suit you very well. White allows you to show off a select number of pieces in the bathroom, such as a photograph, colorful jars, or bathroom décor, rather than having the whole room colorful. White is also an easy color to paint over should you decide to touch it up or go for something completely different.


Again, although these are not unique shades by any means, many find them easy go-to colors because neutrals, such as beige, tan or buff, are neither too light nor too dark. A paint color in the neutral family is easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. Neutral shades are the best-selling paint colors for the bathroom.


Like white, pastels are easy to paint over without the original color showing through, as they are lighter shades. Pastels allow you to experiment with color without overwhelming a small space. Some have said that green gives their skin a greenish hue in the mirror, while others prefer rose shades for this reason. On the other hand, if you have green tile in the bathroom, a pastel green can complement the décor very nicely. Aqua blues and yellows are always popular paint colors in bathrooms.


Some classify grey as a neutral, although it is clearly not in the beige family. Grey has, however, become a very popular and fashionable replacement to more traditional neutrals because it comes in so many shades and works in almost any room. For a bathroom, grey with a blue undertone complements any blue or white detailing. Grey with a whiter tone works just as well as plain white to stay within a minimalist style. Grey is such a versatile paint color that it comes in almost any shade from purples to browns.

Other Tips

There are a few ways to help you narrow down your paint choices if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the colors out there. If you are going for a uniform look throughout your house, you may want to note the color schemes in the rest of the rooms. For example, if your house is made up of a lot of natural materials, such as wood, stone, and earthy tones, you may wish to paint the bathroom one of the popular neutral tan shades, or go slightly beyond that with a dark earthy green.

Others want their bathroom to stand out since the door is often shut anyway. In this respect, you can disregard the rest of the house and go for a popular bright color such as a vivid purple or intense red. Think about the favorite colors of your family or roommates, and what color you’ve always wanted to paint a room but never dared.

Many believe that color can affect our mood. Yellow, although energizing and uplifting, can be overwhelming on the eyes and nerves if it is the main color, so making it an accent color, or painting a small bathroom yellow, might be better. Blue is known to be calming, but if too light will come across as cold, especially in a room with little light. Don't forget to use sample and tester pots to paint a patch on the wall first, so that you may get a better idea of what the paint looks like out of the can and with the room's natural lighting.

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