Popular Fairy Garden Ornaments

By Jean D , last updated June 10, 2011

Creating a fairy garden full of little, enchanted ornaments is a wonderful way to decorate your yard and delight your children. While you may not be able to show your child an actual fairy, by designing a space full of wee details, you can make it seem as though the fairies had just left. These ornaments can help.

Your fairy garden should be in a small, sheltered location. A tiny plot at the base of a large tree works wonderfully well. Or, for a more modern twist, choose a large pot and plant your portable fairy garden there. Plants for your garden should be low-lying. Look for mosses or other green ground covers. Wind a path through your fairy garden with small, polished stones. Place a tiny house at the end of the path, and keep the door to the house open. You can modify a small birdhouse for this purpose, or look for fairy house retailers online. There are more than you might think. Make sure the house is a deep, dark color. You want the fairy home to blend into the background. Place a fairy mailbox next to the house, so your child can write small notes to the fairies. Hang a fairy swing next to the house, and cover the ropes with bright ribbons. Dust the cottage and all ornaments with glitter for an authentic feel.

Some fairy gardeners add small fairy statues to their gardens. Older children may appreciate this touch, while younger children may find that the statues ruin the magical feel. If you'd like to add life and movement to your fairy garden, consider adding a small birdfeeder nearby. Fairies are often closely associated with birds, and the flutter and movement of birds is always a welcome addition to a garden.

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