Popular Gold Investment Companies

By Sam Feeder , last updated August 12, 2011

There are a number of popular gold investment companies which are more stable to invest in rather than just trying to buy and sell gold or gold bullion on your own. These companies are well established in the gold industry, owning a lot of their own mines and producing gold on their own. This means you are investing in both the company and the amount gold is worth on the market, so there are a lot of factors who can work for you or against you. Check out some of the more popular gold companies listed below so that it will be a safer investment.

Royal Gold
Royal gold may be the most popular gold royalty company out there, as it has a diverse revenue stream from two of the biggest and most productive gold mines into he world. They also invested in something called the Mount Milligan Project in 2010 giving them the opportunity to produce 65,000 ounces of gold at four hundred dollars an ounce, creating a lot of revenue, as they can sell it for much more now.
Franco-Nevada is the largest gold royalty company out there after an acquisition of Gold Wheaton for 830 million dollars. Due to their sheer size, they become a much safer investment as they have so many different revenue streams that even if a number of them dry up for a period of time, Franco-Nevada will still most likely make a profit at the end of each year. In short, the sheer size of the business will protect your gold investment in this instance.
Sandstorm Resources
Sandstorm Resources is an up and coming gold investment company who has been purchasing a number of new mines in recent years that have had good success. As this is a smaller company that is currently experiencing rapid growth, they are an excellent investment over the next few years.
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