Popular Low Maintenance Trees

By Danny Wong , last updated April 27, 2011

There are a few trees that are incredibly popular because they are low maintenance, grow to a great size, and look beautiful outdoors. Since they are low maintenance, owners just have to plant them, take care of them for a little while until they mature, and then reap the benefits of trees that practically care for themselves. Here are a few of these popular trees which require very little maintenance.

Amur Maples

These trees grow at a slow enough rate that they are never really overwhelming for an owner when they are placed in an outdoor area with enough space. But they do grow fairly large and wide so they make for perfect shade trees and grow beautiful bright leaves that are full of color adding a bit of flavor to the outdoors. Since they don't grow too big too quickly, there's little worry about pruning them all the time and since they can survive in most conditions and are tolerant to a few bad conditions, they are favorable trees to have.

Red Maples

Since the red maple is native to North America and requires very little maintenance after it has matured, it is one of the more popular trees to have. Their tendency to have a rounded crown when full grown in addition to their wonderful red color makes them gorgeous outdoors. This tree is especially great when all of its leaves and flowers have grown since they grow in dense clusters making the tree look full of life and incredibly healthy.

European Hornbeam

The European hornbeam is a fantastic tree that grows fairly tall and wide displaying its magnificent presence. What makes this tree so popular is how its color changes from a rich dark green in the spring and summer to yellow in the fall. This natural change shows the beauty and versatility of the tree which makes it one of the more desirable low maintenance trees to have.

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