Popular Paintball Games

By Mark Cook , last updated November 7, 2011

Paintball is an extremely popular sport with many different types of games and tactics with which you can play. Generally speaking the purpose of playing is to shoot paint bullets at an opponent to knock him or her out of the game. There are typically two teams with one’s team objective being to eliminate the opposing team. Fortunately playing paintball games has become very popular in recent years and more and more interesting methods for playing have evolved. There are traditional game styles as well as newer and more innovative types. Here are a few of the more popular types of paintball games.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is the oldest and most popular paintball game there is. This is the first game that ever came about and its simplicity and ease of play makes it very popular. It is the kind of game that requires two teams of at least 5 players or more. You can play with less but the more players, the more competitive the game. Each team has a flag that it keeps guarded on their side of the field. The objective is to capture the other team’s flag and safely bring it back to your team’s base. The first team to either successfully capture the flag and bring it back or shoot every player on the opposing team wins.

Center Flag

Center Flag is a very popular derivative of capture the flag. The basic objective is still to capture the flag and bring it back to your team’s base, however instead of having each team with its own flag, there is just one center flag that both teams must try to get. Strategically place the flag in an area that is easily and equally accessible for both teams.


President is a scenario type of paintball game. These types of games involve coming up with a theme or situation in which the two teams must play. Each team must follow the general guidelines of the game set-up that everyone agrees upon. President in particular is very similar to capture the flag, however instead of having to obtain the other team’s flag your purpose is to safely bring over one member of your team to another team’s base. Each team has one member titled the President and he/she is the person who must be safely escorted to the other base. The President is eliminated if shot in the head in which case the other team wins.

Predator vs. Prey

This is a very popular type of game that involves players switching teams. As you would imagine, the group is divided into two teams, prey and predator. The prey team should have a few more players than the predators. In this game if a player on the predator team shoots a player on the prey team, that prey member becomes a predator. If a prey player happens to shoot a predator, than that predator is immediately eliminated from the game. The objective is to either make all the prey players become predators or for the prey to kill off all the predators.

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