Popular Trumpet-Shaped Flowers

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated April 26, 2011

Some of the world's most popular trumpet-shaped flowers might be found right in your own garden. Trumpet-shaped flowers are prized by gardeners and bird lovers alike because they are known to attract hummingbirds. These flowers usually have one long, narrow petal that creates a tube that is the perfect shape for hummingbirds to stick their long, skinny beaks in when the birds want a drink of nectar. Trumpet-shaped flowers can also look very elegant in cut floral arrangements.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies are long, tall, stemless plants with flowers and leaves that grow directly from their rhizomes. They can grow up to three feet tall and are actually members of the jack in the pulpit family rather than the lily family. Calla lilies will not attract hummingbirds, but they are grown commercially to be sold as cut flowers. They are very popular with brides because they have extremely showy white flowers.


Lilac flowers grow on shrubs and they are hummingbird magnets. They grow single flowers arranged in dense, terminal clusters with panicles that can grow up to three inches long. They generally bloom in May and come in white, pink, purple and an icy blue color. Lilacs like hot weather and are common in southern gardens. Lilacs can also attract butterflies and are favored by gardeners for their strong fragrance. You can smell sweet lilac blossoms from several yards away.


Daffodils usually come in yellow, gold and orange and bear one flower per stem. The flowers have a long, thin trumpet in the center and are surrounded by overlapping petals. Daffodils often herald the arrival of spring in cold climates because they grow and bloom as soon as the frost begins to die down, usually much earlier than other flowers. Daffodils grow from bulbs like tulips. Unlike tulips, however, daffodils will grow back and keep blooming year after year.

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