Professional Hair Products Worth the Splurge

By Emma Stein , last updated December 22, 2011

Professional hair products are so much more expensive than your run of the mill products, but are they worth it? At many times the price of the drugstore stuff, it would seem like they were a rip off, and you'd be literally washing dollars down the drain in no time, however, some of these products are worth the extra buck or ten, it's about knowing which ones to pick that is important.

Next time you go to your hair stylist, ask them which products they would recommend for your hair and follow their recommendation. Make sure the hair stylist is someone you trust and not a pushy sales person trying to get you to buy their salon's brand. If they can recommend some good products tailored to help maintain your hair color or help with your hair type, it's worth the hassle. Good products not only help with style, but with the general health of your hair, preventing dead ends, maintaining luster and shine, and keeping hair strong.

However, if you do not have a hair dresser to recommend some good products, these are some good fail-safe ones.

Biosilk hair products are a respected brand and a great choice. Their famous Biosilk, a leave in hair product, makes hair feel wonderfully smooth and lustrous, even if it has been burnt of fried by flat irons.

Bumble and bumble products are another winner, with a wide array of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Their grooming cream makes frizzy hair look polished and tame and their sumotech provides hair with wonderful stay after styling it.

All in all, if you go in carefully, you can find some wonderful professional hair products that are worth the extra dollar. Go ask a sales associate at your local Sephora or other specialty store for help as well - she may be able to guide you well. Yes, they are far more expensive, but with the extra few bucks comes much better and more personalized functionality.

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