Professional Liability Insurance for Educators

By Shannon C , last updated January 10, 2012

In today's litigious society, it has become more important than ever before for educators as well as business professionals to carry professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance for educators is a source of consistent protection against the constant threat of being sued for actions - real or perceived - carried out in the course of your daily professional responsibilities. Some educators are able to obtain great deals on professional liability insurance for educators through belonging to a teachers' association or teachers union, while other educators opt to purchase a policy privately through an independent insurance provider who specializes in providing professional liability insurance for educators.

Professional liability insurance for educators can provide you with funding and protection for legal representation in the event that you are named in a lawsuit. In the course of your duties as an educator you could be faced with discrimination or harassment, assault or abuse lawsuit, and other types of lawsuits as well. Professional liability insurance for educators will give you a certain amount of coverage, usually up to a set limit, to cover the costs of hiring defense, court costs, and other legal fees that may be associated with being named in a lawsuit.

Some types of professional liability insurance for educators also contain the option for additional policies or riders in the areas of E&O (errors and omissions), personal liability, and public liability. These types of additional coverage can be very useful especially if you work in a branch of education that puts you at greater risk for being named in a lawsuit in any or all of these areas. Setting coverage limits and choosing the types of riders and policies you need should best be done under advisement from your insurance agent by studying past lawsuits and claims in your branch of education and geographic area.

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