Pruning Star Jasmine

By Shannon C , last updated June 2, 2011

Pruning star jasmine is a low-maintenance vine that is quite easy to prune and care for. Star jasmine, also commonly known as confederate jasmine or Trachelospermum jasminoides, is a delicate, fragrant, fast-growing vine whose evergreen foliage and clusters of pure white, small, starry blossoms provide year-round visual interest and appeal. Star jasmine is so amenable to training that it can be grown just about anywhere, even if minimal support exists. The fragrance of star jasmine blossoms will be a delight to humans, butterflies, birds, bumblebees, and hummingbirds. Learn from experts how to care for and prune star jasmine so it stays looking its best all year long.

How to Care for Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is a relatively low-maintenance vine as long as its basic care requirements for adequate sunlight and support are met. Star jasmine prefers soil with a sandier composition and excellent drainage. Star jasmine can be drought-hardy but appreciates regular moisture especially while the young plant is still becoming established. Star jasmine can also be grown successfully indoors as long as adequate sunlight is provided.

How to Prune Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is a fast grower, and as such, regular pruning is a key to keeping vines both healthy and fragrantly beautiful. As star jasmine is not self cleaning, it will also need help with deadheading faded blossoms to encourage new ones to form. Maintenance pruning can be done as needed to train star jasmine in the direction you want it to grow. Extensive pruning should be done immediately after the bloom season has ended to avoid robbing yourself of blossoms, which are the star jasmine's main attraction. Since star jasmine is a trailing vine, it can have a tendency to overshoot its own growth potential, and become leggy and less lush. Pinching off new growth can encourage bushier, fuller growth and more enthusiastic blooming. Pinching can also be done as needed.

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