Purchasing a Reading Chair

By Danny Wong , last updated May 17, 2011

Purchasing the right reading chair is important to optimize your reading experience, so when you're reading, you're not thinking or worried about anything else other than the fantastic contents of your book. In purchasing a reading chair, you should think about some of these important things.


Your reading chair should be comfortable enough for you to sit in it for hours at a time without feeling sore or having your bottom fall asleep. Most comfortable reading chairs have nice arm rests, on which you can lay your elbows as you hold your book or Amazon Kindle up, cushions so that you're not sitting on a hard surface that will hurt your buttocks, and perhaps a head rest so you can lie back on your reading chair and read your book with ease.

Fits You

Another important thing is that the size and shape is appropriate for your body. You don't want a reading chair so small that you can't move in it, nor do you want a reading chair so enormous that you are practically swallowed up by it. It has to be the perfect size so you change positions as needed for the most comfort you can get out of it, and that the arm rests aren't a mile away rendering them useless either.

Chair Size

The size of your reading chair is not only important for your comfort, but is important in being able to fit it in your reading room. If you don't have a large space to allocate for your reading chair, you can't possibly get the largest reading chair that suits you. When purchasing a reading chair, you have to know your home's limitations in terms of how big a chair you can actually buy.

In Your Budget

Reading chairs can range from cheap to incredibly expensive, and like most people, you're probably not one of the affluent who doesn't think about price tags. You probably do have a budget and should stick to that for your reading chair. Don't live beyond your means, and purchase a reading chair that will be right for you and your budget.


Make sure you're getting something that will last. Your reading chair should be something that can hold your weight, that won't break when you shift in it or sit on it again after a few uses, and something that won't look ugly after a few months of use. It will be one of your sanctuaries away from the rest of the world, where you can escape into the magical world illustrated in the literature you read, so don't just go for the reading chair that will save you the most money. If you can afford it, buy based on quality, not based on price.


There are many different materials for the best reading chairs which include leather, plush, cotton and even wool. Pick a material that suits you in terms of comfort, style and price, but again, make sure not to jump for the cheapest thing since you'll be using your reading chair a lot and buying for comfort and quality will be worth the investment. Some materials are water and stain resistant too, so consider that in your purchase since you don't want to have a chair that will get dirty quickly either, nor do you want something that will be hard to clean if bad things happen.

Color Scheme

Make sure the color and style of your reading chair matches the room you will put it in. You want your reading chair to work in harmony with your other furniture so before you buy something, you should keep in mind the style of the room in which you'll be using it mostly.

Reclining Feature

It might be nice to have a chair that reclines, or at least is slightly tilted for easier reading since you don't want a chair with a back that's perpendicular to the ground, otherwise it will be difficult and uncomfortable to sit in and read at the same time. Also, titled backs or reclining chairs make you more comfortable if you were to pick up your feet off the ground and use a leg rest so there's less stress on your legs and feet which could hurt your reading experience.

Where to Buy

Online stores like Amazon and Overstock always have great deals on reading chairs, but your best bet is shopping for reading chairs in furniture stores to actually try them out. Examples are Macys Furniture Store and even Sears, but more affordable options can be found at stores like IKEA, but you have to dig deep to find high quality products at good prices.

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