Quick and Clever Ideas for Organizing Crafts Supplies

By Jill Gardiner , last updated January 11, 2012

Nothing warms a crafter’s heart quite so much as the thought of a well-organized craft room, one where all the materials are laid out neatly and efficiently and any necessary supply is always within easy reach. Unfortunately, because of the over or under-sized nature of many crafting supplies, coming up with storage ideas that both keep things organized and easily visible can be a true challenge. Add to this the fact that so many craft areas are tucked into small spaces that already have storage issues and organizing craft supplies can seem virtually impossible. But don’t give up hope just yet. After all, a craft room that’s organized not only keeps your work space and your mind clear, having easy access to your materials (especially those impulse buys you picked up because you loved the color or pattern) can actually inspire you to make something new and special! So try a few of these quick and clever ideas for organizing your craft supplies and free up some space that you can fill with creative energy instead!

Open Shelving

While closed cabinets offer storage and a neat, uncluttered look, having immediate visual interaction with your supplies will not only make them easier to find, it may also inspire you. Open shelving allows you to quickly access whatever you need to complete a project without having to open doors or drawers, and you can store fabric, buttons, or any other materials where they are in plain view. Use baskets or, better yet, clear containers like plastic tubs or glass jars to organize smaller supplies.


Pegboard on the walls is a smart way to make use of vertical space, plus it’s totally customizable to your needs. Metal hooks, shelving, baskets, and other storage solutions can be rearranged to accommodate things like rolls of ribbon or wrapping paper, tools like paintbrushes and scissors, whatever it is your particular crafting passion requires! Don’t just leave pegboard in the boring brown hue though (that isn’t very inspiring!), paint them a fun color instead!

Creative Containers

For smart storage in your craft room, look to office and kitchen organizers for quick and easy solutions to your odd-sized crafting supplies. To store small and hard to corral items like buttons or bobbins, screw the lids of jars from jams or condiments to the underside of a shelf, fill the container with your supplies, and twist it into the lid. Coffee cans, soup cans, or any other containers that can be thoroughly washed are cheap ways to store pens and pencils, cutting tools, or paint brushes, and they get a cute make over when covered with decorative paper (think scraps of wrapping!) and double-sided tape. For seriously tiny items like hooks-and-eyes, repurpose a pillbox. Tilted spice racks slip into drawers and keep craft paints organized and visible, while paper towel holders, either vertically or horizontally oriented, make great organizers for ribbons. Binders filled with see-through sheet protectors easily organize trim and scrapbooking supplies in a way that leaves them quickly visible.

Organization On-The-Go

Even if you don’t have a dedicated craft room, there are several ways to organize your craft supplies so that they’re easy to find when you need them, easy to stow when you don’t. An office or kitchen cart can be rolled out of a closet when inspiration strikes, then rolled away when company drops by. You can also affix casters to the legs of any small table with tiers of under-shelves or a small dresser for the same effect. Old suitcases make great craft supply organizers and they can be stacked and used as a side table when not in use.

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