Quick Tips for Fall Home Decorating

By Stacy Zeiger , last updated November 29, 2011

Use the cooler weather and holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, as an excuse to bring fall decorations into your home. In most parts of the country, fall is a beautiful time of the year, and these beautiful colors can be used as inspiration for your fall decorating. These quick tips for fall home decorating will have your home ready for fall in no time and without spending a lot of money.

Decorating with Fruit

Bring classic fall fruits, such as apples, pears and pumpkins, into your home this fall. Fill a large glass vase with pears and place them in the middle of the dining room table or on the fireplace mantle. Use a basket of apples as a centerpiece or decoration on the hall table to welcome visitors to your home. Add pumpkins of varying sizes to your front steps, window sills or shelves in your home. Throw in some gourds, squash or Indian corn to add to the display. If you prefer not to use real fruit, you may find decorative plastic or foam fruits at local craft stores or dollar stores to use instead.

Adding Leaves

Leaves allow you to add a touch of fall to multiple areas of your home. Purchase a garland of colored leaves from a local craft store or large discount store and string them across your fireplace mantle, breakfast bar or mirrors in your hallway or bathroom. Fill a basket or small vase with leaves from your front yard and display it on a shelf or coffee table. Purchase an plain, inexpensive wreath and attach real or fabric leaves around it to hang on your front door.

Flowers and More

Fill your home with flowers and other elements of nature. As trees drop their leaves, you may also find that they drop large nuts. Collect the nuts and use them to add an accent to vases and baskets throughout your home. Collect a few sticks from the ground and arrange them in a vase for a unique piece of art. Mums are one of the traditional flowers of fall. Purchase a few potted mums in different shades and place them around your home and on your front steps. Most mum plants are hardy and will last throughout fall with minimal care. You may want to plant mums in your garden as well.

Candles and Scents

Purchase candles in classic fall scents to add to your home’s décor. Look for orange and brown candles with scents such as “pumpkin spice” or “pumpkin pie.” Red candles typically offer the scent of freshly-picked apples or apple cider and often include a hint of cinnamon to add a stronger touch of fall to your home. Scents with names such as “autumn harvest” or those that have the smell of popular baked goods also make good candles to add to your fall decorating. You may also create your own scents by simply simmering apple cider in your crockpot or baking a pumpkin pie in your oven. If you prefer unscented candles, look for candles with a more rustic feel, such as those shaped like leaves or designed to look like twigs. For colored candles, choose candles in colors such as olive green, mustard yellow and burnt orange.

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