Re-Wallpaper Your Master Bathroom

By Danny Wong , last updated April 12, 2011

To upgrade the look and feel of your master bathroom, or just to change things up a bit, re-wallpapering is a great solution. But of course, this task can get a bit complicated; however, with the proper techniques and the right steps, you can strip down your old, worn out wallpaper and effectively put up new and fun wallpaper for your master bathroom.

Stripping Down Old Wallpaper

First, before you add on new wallpaper, you will want to strip off any old wallpaper. Sure, it can be tempting to take the lazy route and layer your new wallpaper over your old wallpaper, but if you want to re-wallpaper your master bathroom again at another time, it will be a lot harder to strip down both layers of wallpaper at once. The other issue you may come across is the old wallpaper showing through your new wallpaper, which will look sloppy.

Removing Wallpaper Glue

After you've successfully stripped down your old wallpaper, you have to remove the wallpaper glue that's stuck to the wall from the last job, otherwise your new wallpaper won't be smooth. You can buy simple glue removal tools and chemicals at your local hardware store or Home Depot.

Cleaning And Prepping The Wall

You will want to wipe down the wall with a wet rag, making sure there's no dirt, dust or mildew there, which you don't want hiding under your new wallpaper, as it can destroy both the wallpaper and the walls of your master bathroom. You may also want to sand down any parts on the wall that aren't smooth to ensure that your re-wallpaper job looks clean.

Applying New Wallpaper

Be sure to pick a great new wallpaper to re-wallpaper your master bathroom, something that will make your bathroom look better than the others in the house, and make sure to cut the wallpaper to proper size and apply it to your freshly prepared wall evenly. Most wallpapers need to be wet to be applied; otherwise, you can smoothly apply glue then paste your wallpaper on.

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