Red, White and Blue Decoration Ideas for Memorial Day

By Megan McCormick , last updated May 18, 2011

This Memorial Day, let your party’s red, white, and blue decorations show not only your patriotism, but your creativity. Party decorations aren’t just streamers and balloons anymore; every aspect of the festivities can, and should, reflect the message of the day. From table decorations to lighting to hanging decor, each aspect of the festivities can be a testament to the patriotic message of the day, and the fun to be had at your Memorial Day party.

Table Decorations

Many outdoor gatherings are centered on the food be offered, therefore one’s table decorations are essential for a truly patriotic day. Begin with the table covering. Vinyl tablecloths are ideal for outdoor meals, and come in a variety of colors. Try a solid blue, red, or white cloth to make a simple background for the tableware, or get creative with stripes or stars. If you’re feeling creative, there are a number of options for making your own tablecloth. Sewing blue and red bandanas together in a checkered pattern is a great way to recycle old fabric and make a unique and festive table covering. For a more durable covering, try lacing together canvas material to make a homemade creation resistant to all types of weather and spills.

Table decorations don’t stop there, though. On top of the tablecloth is the tableware, each aspect offering another opportunity for patriotic coordination. Plastic and paper tableware is available in various solid colors including red and blue and even the American flag. For a more environmentally friendly alternative, try dishware that will be reusable. A unique look that stays within the color scheme, try a fun patterned plate.

Need something special to spice up the Memorial Day dessert? A simple clip-art template will transform the ordinary ice cream cone into a unique patriotic treat. Martha Stewart’s site features the directions for cone wrappers. The top of the ice cream can also be festive; try patriotic-themed sprinkles to add some more red, white, and blue.

Other decorations

Lighting is essential for an outdoor party, especially when festivities go on into the night. Hanging lanterns provide a fun way to illuminate the goings-on, and are a great opportunity for patriotic flair. Round paper lanterns come in a variety of colors, and are a beautiful addition to any outdoor party. For an option made of recycled materials, upcycled glass mason jar lanterns come in many colors including blue and red; hang these along your party area for a creative and fun light source.

Along with the lanterns, garland is another fun way to add to the festive atmosphere, and can be a fun craft to create. Martha Stewart’s Red, White, and Blue Garland, made of paper stars of alternating patriotic colors, can adorn any doorway or window, or perhaps along your backyard’s deck.

A garden flag is another piece that can spice up the backyard for the big day; featuring the patriotic colors, they will bring a unique element to the decor.


To reflect the purpose of the day and add some patriotic flair to the gathering, try displaying the American flag in various manners. First, don’t forget to have handheld stick flags to pass out to guests; they will act as decor, and as a fun piece to bring home as a party favor. For a traditional element of decor, bunting is a great way to bring some red, white, and blue to the party in a classic manner. Try hanging it straight along the border of the house, or in a fan shape from an overhang or ceiling.

The traditional flower of Memorial Day is, of course, the poppy. Other flowers may also be used as red, white, and blue decorations as well, whether as centerpieces on the tables, or just as accents throughout the party's decor. Tulips come in many vibrant colors including red, and are in season during May in many parts of the country. Pansies are another great option, coming in both red and blue. Magnolia, Jasmine, and Gardenia are three flowers that come in the color white, and are often found in the spring. Cornflowers are a vibrant blue.

Enjoy your Memorial Day in style with these fun ideas for party decorations. Patriotic decor can now be creative, memorable, and fun!

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