Rooting Christmas Cactus

By Heidi Green , last updated April 16, 2011

The Christmas Cactus is a common houseplant that is easily propagated by rooting stems to create new plants. Whether you'd like to grow more plants of your own or give a few cuttings to a friend, rooting Christmas Cactus is a simple process that requires just a few steps and a little time.

Select Cuttings

It's best to grow several cuttings from a Christmas Cactus, as some of them may not take root. As a good rule of thumb, you should collect a few more cuttings than you intend to grow. Choosing cuttings from a Christmas Cactus is easy, since the leaf segments are separated and easily pinch off from one another. Choose several leaf segments that have at least three leaves each, pinching the final leaf off from the base. Let the cuttings dry for about four hours so that they'll become covered with a callus where they were pinched off. While you wait, you can prepare the growing medium.

Plant Cuttings

Before you plant your Christmas Cactus cuttings, you need to prepare a suitable growing medium. Choose a small pot that's three to four inches in diameter and has a drainage hole, then fill it with a half and half mixture of perlite and peat moss. Water the mixture until saturated and then allow it to drain freely for a half hour. Next, place the cuttings in the soil, burying them about an inch deep. It's fine to place up to four cuttings in the same pot. Make sure the cuttings are packed snugly into the soil, then loosely cover the whole pot with a clear plastic bag; disposable clear produce bags from the supermarket work great. Place the covered pot in a warm, shady spot. Keep the pot covered and the soil moist. Remove the bag and grow normally after three weeks.

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