Safest Colorado Parks for Hiking

By Jonathan Bales , last updated December 13, 2011

Hiking in Colorado is so popular because, no matter your skill level, there is a safe trail for you. From peaks up to 14,000 feet to simple paths, Colorado has it all. The state is a hiker's dream, possessing a multitude of parks with astounding views and surroundings. No matter your skill level or where you plan to hike, you want to make sure you are safe. A park with short trails is not automatically safe. Similarly, a park with steep mountains to climb is not necessarily dangerous. Thus, you should assess each Colorado hiking park on an individual basis to determine how safe it is for you. To help you, read below for information on a few of the safest Colorado parks for hiking.

Mitchell Creek Canyon

Located in the Castle Rock area of the state, Mitchell Creek Canyon is a 1.5 mile trail that offers the ability to hike in peace. Much like nearby canyon hikes, but without the crowd, the park is known for being a great hiking area for beginners. Accessed from a variety of locations, the park is beautiful and serene. The primary trail is quite rocky, but it is very safe overall. Be careful when hiking the trail in snow, and know that horses and bikes are prohibited. Mountain Creek Canyon is a great park for beginners or any hiker who wants a relatively easy and safe climb.

Beaver Creek Loop

Beaver Creek Loop is popular because it is a great hiking park for both beginners and experts. Known as being moderately difficult to climb, the park covers over 40,000 acres of wild countryside. Hikers frequently see bighorn sheep, bald eagles, and elk, all of which are at a far enough distance to maintain safety. The park is marked by a few long trails, with the actual "loop" being the most popular. It offers incredible views of the Rocky Mountains from almost all portions of the 7.3 mile trail. Marketed as a family-friendly park, the Beaver Creek Loop is one of the safest in all of Colorado.

Monument Creek

Monument Creek is another moderately difficult park to hike, great for hikers of all experience levels. Flowing through the Front Range portion of Colorado, the park has spectacular views of the Colorado Springs. Actually, this is the primary draw of the park's main hiking trail. Open to all sorts of visitors, you will see plenty of bikers. The trail winds and dips all over the place, never ascending at too quick of a pace. The best part of Monument Creek for hikers is there are multiple entry and exit points, meaning you can hike for anywhere from just a couple miles to up to six, depending on your preference.

Mount Herman

Mount Herman Park has a 2.2 mile hiking trail that is located 10 miles north of the Colorado Springs. Rising from the plains, Mount Herman is known for having moderately steep rises and dips. Nonetheless, the primary trail is safe for hikers with minimal experience. Note that many out-of-town hikers visit Mount Herman to hike.

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