Scholarships for 2012 High School Graduates

By Robert Bennett , last updated January 11, 2012

If you are a high school senior, now is the time to search for scholarships. High school seniors should start searching the summer before their senior year. Many scholarships have an early fall deadline for the following year’s start of term.

Scholarships for high school seniors are the most common type of scholarships awarded. There are literally thousands of scholarships available for graduating seniors. All it takes is planning and some time.

Start your search with your high school counselor. The counselor will have applications for a number of local scholarships available for seniors. The advantage of applying for these scholarships is the field of students is typically limited to only those from your area.

Next, talk to a financial aid representative at your preferred college. They will have access to scholarships available through the school, alumni and community for incoming freshmen.

Talk to influential people in your community. Many local organizations provide scholarships for students in their area. The Lions Club, Rotary Club, Daughters of the American Revolution, local electric companies and local phone companies all offer scholarships to seniors in their area.

After you have thoroughly reviewed and applied for scholarship opportunities from the high school, community and financial aid representative it is time to search the internet. Scholarship search sites will have thousands of scholarships for you to review. They even have unusual scholarships such as Scholarship for Left-Handed Students, Little People of America Scholarship, Tall Clubs international Scholarship and Duck Brand Duck Tape Prom Contest.

Be sure to avoid scholarship scams. If you are requested to pay money to receive a scholarship then it most likely is a scam. Legitimate scholarships do not require a fee, money up-front or guaranteed results.

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