Sew a Snowflake Tablecloth

By Jonathan Bales , last updated December 20, 2011

Nothing can put you in the holiday spirit like a wonderfully decorated home, and one of the best ways to create a festive atmosphere in your house is with a snowflake tablecloth. By sewing snowflakes or other winter items into your tablecloth, you will be reminded of the joyous holiday season every time you sit down to eat. The atmosphere and happiness the tablecloth will create is well worth the work you put in. Even if you are not an expert with a needle and thread, you should be able to sew a snowflake tablecloth. The process is likely not as difficult or time-consuming as you might think. To create an incredible snowflake tablecloth you and your entire family will enjoy, read below for a step-by-step guide.


The first step is to gather all of the materials needed for your tablecloth. The length and quantity of these will obviously depend on the size of your table, but in this article we will assume you want to make a standard 54-inch round tablecloth.

For the project, you will need 1.5 yards of 60-inch red wool, scissors, cotton, a stitchable web sheet, a pencil, 18 inches of three-foot wide white felt, pins, a needle, a sewing machine, and buttons of your choice. You should also download a snowflake pattern from the Internet, as this is the easiest way to create the snowflakes that will be sewn on your tablecloth. An exception is if you want to create the snowflakes with your family. In that case, gather the kids and have them create snowflakes with paper and scissors. These can be substituted for the snowflake patterns you would otherwise download and print. If you do go with the printing option, be sure to enlarge the snowflake as necessary prior to printing.


When all of the materials are in hand, cut a 54-inch wide circle from the red wool. You will obviously need to draw a circle on the wool prior to cutting. If you do not have a protractor of that size on hand, you can label a center point and measure out 27 inches from that point. Complete this a dozen or more times before tracing your circle. Make sure you take your time when cutting, as this is effectively your tablecloth. When finished, stitch white perle cotton around the edges of the wool at lengths of 7/8 of an inch.

Trace 12 snowflakes onto your stitchable web paper, then fuse them to the white wool felt. Once you cut out the snowflakes, you can remove the paper. Take these snowflakes and sew them to the red wool at equal sections. Pin them to the wool first to keep them in place. Once you have sewed the snowflakes into the wool with perle white cotton, you can begin to sew your buttons onto and around the snowflakes. You can alternate the size of the buttons to create a unique look. You can also stitch different-sized buttons into the wool at random places to create the appearance of snow.

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