Shopping for a G-Shock Military Watch

By J.W. Carpenter , last updated July 24, 2011

Famed for rugged construction, durability, and technical functionality, the G-Shock brand features two watch lines that have become quite popular among military users: the Master of G and the Aviation. The Master of G line is particularly exciting for military users, as it includes four watch models specialized for particular uses, including the Frogman, the Riseman, the Gulfman, and the Mudman. G-Shock watches are manufactured by Casio and are widely available for purchase at independent retailers and online. Before shopping, however, continue reading to learn more about G-Shock technologies and the military-inspired G-Shock watch models.

Master of G Frogman

The Master of G Frogman watch is designed for divers. ISO-certified for scuba diving to 200 meters, the Frogman features a range of functions for underwater diving and amphibious environments, including a Dive Time Measurement Mode to easily log both dive times and surface interval times. This watch has a bright, easy to read digital face and convenient offset controls for quick operation under pressure. For planning your dives, the Frogman has a permanent Tide and Moon Graph display on its face. Additionally, like all G-Shock watches, the Frogman watch is equipped with a small solar panel and rechargeable battery, as well as an automatic, wireless atomic timekeeping capability that receives adjustment signals from 6 different time transmitters located around the world. This is an excellent watch for both military divers and hobbyists alike.

Master of G Riseman

The Master of G Riseman watch is built for high altitude use, featuring altitude, barometric pressure, and temperature sensors. As the watch captures this environmental data, it is displayed in real time in a graphical form on the watch face. Whether you’re sky diving or trekking on a mountaintop, you’ll be able to monitor your environment and make accurate decisions. This watch also features solar power and atomic timekeeping.

Master of G Gulfman

The Master of G Gulfman watch is designed for use on the high seas. All exposed metal parts on the watch are made from titanium for high resistance to the corrosive effects of seawater and air. The bright watch face also features a Tide and Moon Graph display. Like the other Master G watches, this model has solar power and atomic timekeeping.

Master of G Mudman

The Master of G Mudman watch is built to withstand virtually any conditions thrown at it. To achieve complete protection from mud, dust, and moisture, all moving parts on the watch are covered with a flexible urethane resin. This resin is also used to seal the edges of the watch back. The Mudman is also water resistant to 200 meters. Along with the solar and atomic timekeeping functionality, this watch also includes a 48-city world time selector. This is an excellent watch for military uses, extreme sports events, and endurance trekking.


The Aviation watch is designed for pilots and airmen. With a multi-dial watch face inspired by flight panel indicators, the watch is equipped for precise timekeeping under severe conditions. Indeed, it is outfitted with centrifugal force resistance technology to maintain precision under even under 12G of gravity. As with the Master of G series, the Aviator is equipped with solar power and atomic timekeeping capabilities.

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