Shopping for a Kids Tuxedo

By Danny Wong , last updated July 26, 2011

Shopping for a kids tuxedo can be an interesting, if not difficult, task. Little kids can be the hardest people to shop for because they're incredibly picky about what they wear and often complain about everything. In order for you to buy a kids tux so he looks just adorable and so he won't put up a big fight when he has to wear it, here are some tips for shopping for a kids tuxedo.

Don't Buy Luxury

Kids can't appreciate a $300 tuxedo, or anything with a big designer name, so don't spend more than $100 on your kids tuxedo. Your kid will feel the same wearing the tux, and your wallet will thank you for it. Plus, when your kid outgrows his tuxedo in a few months or before the end of the year, you'll feel good that you bought an affordable tux. However, when shopping for a kids tuxedo, don't be too cheap, since you want him to look presentable and feel comfortable in his outfit. So if you have to spend $10 or $20 more on a nicer tux that he says doesn't itch or feel strange, then do it. If you opt for the cheaper tuxedo, later you'll regret not spending more money when he is complaining about his ugly, itchy or strange tux on the big day.

Get Great Styles

When shopping for a kids tuxedo, make sure you get styles that he'll like. One thing to know is the less buttons the better since he won't have so much trouble putting on his clothes or taking them off. Pants with an elastic band and without a button and zipper are ideal too, so putting on his pants is easy and taking them off when he needs to run to the bathroom isn't such a hassle. For the jacket, it'd be nice if you got one with a center vent or side vents, which allow your little one to move around easier and sit down comfortably. Another thing that kids might like for their tuxedos is a vest, which will make them look extra dapper.

When you're out buying a kids tuxedo, see if you can buy a package deal with a free shirt and handsome bow tie too, with your two-piece or three-piece tuxedo. The shirt can be a nice white shirt with a wing tip collar so he can sport his bow tie. Be sure that the tie is a clip-on, which makes it easier for him to wear since a real bow tie might be too complicated for your young one. When you're considering the options, think about the weather too, and look into tuxedos that come with shorts instead of pants. If an occasion comes up during the summer that your boy has to wear a tuxedo, it might be too hot for him to wear pants and you wouldn't want him complaining about how hot he is while wearing long pants.

Places to Buy


There are a good number of places where you can shop for kids tuxedos. You can easily buy kids tuxedos online, where you will probably find some of the cheapest deals, and in special kids stores where they have nice kids tuxedos for your little one to try on. When shopping online, make sure you know your child's approximate size so you don't have to go through the pain of exchanging the same tux for a different size later.

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