Shopping for Purple Mini Blinds

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated May 17, 2011

Shopping for white, tan or brown mini blinds is a cinch, but shopping for purple mini blinds is another story. Mini blinds are the kind of blinds that cover your window horizontally, in contrast to bigger, longer vertical blinds. These blinds are usually plastic but might be aluminum or wooden. While you can find mini blinds in a variety of colors, finding the shade of purple that you want is not going to be easy. Most mini blind manufacturers concentrate on colors that they can sell a lot of, like neutrals or pastels. If you have a very specific shade of purple in mind, you might need to take matters into your own hands.

Scour the Internet

You are definitely going to find the best selection of mini blind colors online. Stores that specialize in mini blinds will have catalogues of colors for you to choose from and some of them offer several shades of purple. If you are searching for purple pastel mini blinds or a faded, muted shade of purple, you may just be in luck. If you are looking for a rich, deep purple color, however, your search is going to be long and difficult.

Take Matters into Your own Hands

If you can't find the shade of purple mini blinds that you are dreaming of, you can spray paint your old mini blinds. Just remove them from your window and take them outdoors. Wash the blinds and sand them if they are wood. Lay down some newspaper, find something to hang the blinds from, and spray paint them first with primer. Allow the primer to dry and then spray paint them with the purple color that you want. If you want your blinds to look like they were purple when you bought them, take the time to remove all the slats. Then spray paint the slats and replace them when they are dry.

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