Shopping for Tufted Dining Room Chairs

By Melissa Wiechmann , last updated September 17, 2011

Dining rooms are one of the hardest rooms to design because there are so many choices for furniture. Tufted chairs will add a luxurious and expensive look to any dining room. There are many tufted chair styles and ways to configure them around a dining room table. Depending on the chair design, size, fabric and pattern of tufting, tufted chairs can make any dining room look casual or sophisticated.

Wing-Back Chair

If you have a large dining room that can hold a big table and even bigger chairs, then wing-back armchairs may be a great option. Placing a wing-back tufted chair at the head and foot of the table gives the impression of king and queen chairs and a sense of grandeur to any dining room. Since the armchairs take up a lot of space, the sides of the table should have armless chairs. Many furniture stores carry wing-back armchairs, but a great option would be to reupholster a pair of vintage chairs.

T-Back Chair

Another impressive chair is the t-back tufted chair. This chair offers the height and width of a wing-back chair, but is a little less formal. A t-back chair has a back that is shaped like a curvy letter T. Most chairs will feature a wide headrest, and then curve down to small arms near the seat. Since a t-back chair takes up a lot of visual space, armless chairs are best for the side of the table.

Armless Side Chair

The most common type of tufted dining chair is an armless chair. Armless chairs are smaller in scale than wing-back or t-back chairs, so you can fit more chairs around the table. Armless chairs can vary in the level of sophistication. High back armless chairs give a sense of sophistication, while shorter back chairs are more casual. Chairs featuring diamond pattern tufting add glamour to any dining room, while grid tufting gives a casual vibe.

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