Simple Spring Centerpieces

By Shannon Allen , last updated January 12, 2012

Invite the beauty of spring inside your home this year by creating a beautiful and simple spring centerpiece for your table. Spring initiates the iconic symbols of Easter including dyed eggs, brightly colored ribbons, and seasonal fruits and vegetables. The following article features these seasonal elements in gorgeous centerpieces that will invoke the spirit of spring into any home.

Nest of Eggs

A beautiful bouquet of carnations becomes the perfect spring centerpiece when used as a nest for a handful of dyed eggs. To create this look, add a few inches of water to a medium-sized fitted bowl. Next, arrange some yellow or blue dyed eggs in a smaller bowl and then place them in the middle of the medium bowl. Finally, cut your carnations so that the stems are two to three inches long and tightly assemble the blooms around the eggs. The end result is a beautiful representation of spring to brighten up your table.

Citrus and Blossoms

The vivid colors of citrus play perfectly with the dynamic petals of flowers to make some very simple, yet beautiful centerpieces. Using the citrus as the foundation, begin this centerpiece by stacking lemons or oranges into a pyramid formation inside a large bowl. Toothpicks or skewers may be used to assist keeping your citrus in the place. Once your fruit is arranged, fill your bowl with water and tuck fresh flowers into the gaps between the citrus. Daffodils, posies, and peonies are just a few examples of flowers that can really make this centerpiece shine.

Add Some Spring to Your Vase

Transform an ordinary vase of flowers into a stunning display of spring by adding some extra detail to the vase itself. A band of ribbon is an easy way to add a touch a spring to a vase. One simple band of spring ribbon, or two overlapping bands of ribbon give an ordinary vase a simple spring makeover. Use double-sided tape to securely attach the ribbon to the vase.

Another clever way to dress up an ordinary vase is to use asparagus stalks as embellishments. To get this look, wrap a cylindrical vase with two rubber bands. Next, slide stalks of asparagus under the bands until the entire vase is concealed. Secure the asparagus with twine before cutting the rubber bands and filling the vase with your favorite bouquet of flowers. This centerpiece will stay fresh a little longer if you place it in a small bowl with some water. For a look at what the final product looks like, check out the Midwest Living link below.

Candle Holder egg Tree

Almost any candle holder can adopt a look of spring by holding some beautifully died eggs. Stand the candle holder on a bed of fresh water grass or on a dish surrounded by lemon candies or jelly beans for a decorative base. Then arrange the eggs using little votive cups or tacky wax to keep them in place. This simple substitution for candles gives your centerpiece colorful and fresh look that can last all spring long.

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