Simple Tennis Drills

By Sam Feeder , last updated December 11, 2011

Simple tennis drills are some of the best for teaching players who are new to the game basic techniques of playing tennis, as well as drilling fundamentals to experienced tennis players who want to take some rough edges or bad habits out of their game. As there are many different aspects to the game of tennis, ranging from serving to returning to backhands to forehands, a number of different basic drills have been found to be helpful to players at all different levels. Check out some of the simple tennis drills listed below and see if any of them are ones that you might want to try for yourself or others.

Two Touch

The Two Touch drill is designed for forehand and backhand volleys and requires two people. The player who is learning stands in one of the service boxes between the net and the service line. The coach or other person who is helping with the drill stands in the opposite box on the other side of the net so they are diagonal from each other, like in a real tennis game, yet closer. The coach begins by bouncing a ball off their racket to the player. Without allowing the ball to bounce, the player should hit the ball back so the coach can easily return it without the ball bouncing. This should go back and forth, and they should see how long they can do it for in a row before the ball bounces.

Hit and Run

This drill will build endurance and accuracy for tennis players, be they new or very experienced. The player will stand in the middle of the court. The instructor will stand on the other side of the net and serve the ball softly to one side or the other. The player must run over and hit the ball squarely so that it lands in bounds on the instructor's court and then run back to the middle of the court. The instructor will then serve a ball to the other side of the court and the player will have to run over to that side and serve the ball in and run back to the middle of the court. They should continue this process until the player can't return a ball accurately. This is deal when the balls are hit back as quickly as possible and there are a number of players doing this drill, one at a time.

Count the Hits

This drill is ideal for new students just learning how to hit balls in bounds, though it is also a good way to drill fundamentals for tennis players who are experienced. Set up a tennis machine on one side of the court with a lot of balls. Have your tennis player on the other side of the court and have the machine begin serving to them, serving one ball at a time until after the player returns it. See how many balls they can hit in bounds in a row, keeping count of how many they hit. This will be great at improving their return game and also be a fun competition for players who are doing this drill together.

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