Small Quilting Projects for Beginners

By Katie Bolin , last updated December 14, 2011

Embarking on small quilting projects for beginners is a great way to dive into a new hobby. Starting small will help you develop the skills you need to become a quilting queen or king. Including ideas for one block quilts, simple blocks and pillow patterns, here are a few great small quilting projects for beginners.

One Block Only Quilts

One block only quilts are a great place to start for beginning quilters. The pieces of fabric used are bigger than standard quilting pieces, making it easier for you to handle the pieces and get into the flow of quilting. Purchasing a one black only quilting kit is a great place to start. The fabric pieces will be numbered, so you can easily follow a pattern. You can make a lap blanket or a wall hanging with these simple patterns.

Block Sampler Kit

A block sampler kit will help you quickly learn different types of patterns that are prevalent in quilting. You can find sampler kits throughout the quilting world that feature unique small patterns for you to piece together. You can learn how to make simple pieces, from building blocks and broken windows, to more complex patterns, such as lighthouses and doves at the window. The best part is that, after you've completed a few small practice pieces, they can be easily attached to create a blanket or a larger quilt, depending on the number of practice pieces you construct.

Patchwork Pillows

An alternative to blankets, patchwork pillows are a great place to start in small quilting projects for beginners. These patterns offer easy stitching and traditional patterns to follow. A pillow is also a fun way to start learning how to quilt, and is relatively simple with the right patterns and tools. You can purchase patchwork pillow kits that guide you through the pillow-construction process.

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