Table Centerpieces that Look Great All Year

By Michelle Moltz , last updated April 19, 2011

There are tons of table centerpieces that will look great all year. In addition to birthdays, end of year holidays and other special occasions, sometimes you might just invite your friends and family over to your home to share a meal just for fun. Therefore, you may looking for table centerpiece ideas that you can easily put together at any time of year. Luckily you can create stylish designs using bowls, baskets and other things you might already have in your kitchen or storage room. Here are some ideas for table centerpieces that look great all year using common household items as their base.

Wooden Salad Bowl

If you are having company for lunch or dinner, and you are not planning to serve greens out of your large wooden salad bowl, then you can use this serving piece for the base of your centerpiece. One easy option is to fill the wooden bowl with red and or green apples, which you can find anytime of year at your grocery store.

Hurricane Candle Holders

Don't think of your hurricanes as being exclusively for candles. If you have several of these candle holders, preferably in different sizes, place three to five of them in the middle of your table. Then fill each one with a different type of wrapped candy such as salt water taffy and peanut butter cups. Let your guests nibble from your sweet centerpiece.

Fish Bowl

If you don't currently have a fish living in your bowl, you could use it as a creative alternative to a vase. Use it hold a flower that you can find anytime of year such as white roses. You could leave the stems long on the flowers using the bowl like a typical vase. You could cut the stems off the roses, and fill the bowl with a dozen buds without water. Another idea is to fill the bowl with water and then let six roses without stems float in the bowl.

Wicker Basket

If you have a smaller basket that would fit in the middle of your dining room table, you could use it to display any seashells that you and your family have collected from the beach. The seashells will give this centerpiece color and texture. Tie a bow on handle of the basket using ribbon for an extra touch.

Flower Pot

Instead of flowers, you can put a dozen colorful wrapped lollipops on sticks into your flower pot anytime of year without worrying about them starting to wilt. You could tie a small bow around each piece of candy.


You can design a helium balloon arrangement, and secure it to your table using your kids' marbles. Create a table weight by placing a large handle of marbles onto a piece of plastic wrap. Lift the ends of the plastic wrap up, and tie them together with ribbon. Just tie your balloon arrangement to your marble table weight, and put the weight in the center of your table. You could do one large balloon bouquet or place several single balloons tied to weights across the table.

If you search your home, you will probably find all kinds of hidden treasures that can inspire you to design centerpieces for any time of year.

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