Thoughtful Ideas for Your Father's 60th Birthday Party

By Brandi Brown , last updated January 30, 2012
There are plenty of ideas that will be thoughtful when hosting your father’s 60th birthday party. Turning 60 is a nice milestone birthday for many people. Some are approaching retirement age. Others are seeing their children go off to college or becoming grandparents. Still others finally have the money to splurge a little on themselves.
Excellent Venue
Celebrating the 60th birthday party generally calls for a nicer venue than other birthdays. Renting a social hall in an American Legion or church generally is inexpensive and will allow a great deal of flexibility about what you have at the party. Other venue options are a hotel conference room or a nice restaurant with a private room.
Childhood Friends
If you can invite your dad’s childhood friends, that makes for a wonderful birthday party gift. Even if your dad does not have much in common with these people anymore, being able to share old memories for a night should provide for some excellent birthday entertainment. Flying out your father’s best childhood friend also would make the evening special.
Slide Show
Should you have trouble getting old friends to the party, consider making a slide show. Ask your mother, grandparents, and aunts and uncles for pictures of your dad growing up. Pull from your own photos of your father. Online software makes it simple to put together a slide show with music, pictures, and text.
Fun Conversation Starters
These parties can get stuffy. Spice things up with centerpieces that invite conversation. Make a centerpiece that represents each year that your dad’s been alive. Put cards with special events and dates from that decade. Let guests pick the special events as a way to get conversation going at all of the tables. Remembering that you wore striped polyester pants in the 70s or that you loved a certain television show in the 50s can bring back wonderful memories for your dad and his guests.
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