Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts for Him

By Will Jones , last updated February 4, 2011
As common a belief as it is that men are the ones struggling with Valentine's Day gifts (insensitive lot that they are), many women have a hard time finding that special present that will show their men just how wonderful and appreciated they are. Never to fear, here are some great ideas to get your creative and romantic juices flowing. Ah, Valentine's Day... That one magical day of the year when the validity of everyone's love for their significant other is boiled down to a single gift and perhaps a night out. Bliss!
The Classic Chocolates
Women tend to underestimate the power of chocolate on a guy because it flies in the face of all tradition. After all, a man gets chocolates for his girl, not the other way around. But guys like sweets as much as the next gal, and the irony of the gender reversal is itself an entertaining draw.
A Message Through Underwear
The old cartoony image of a man in boxer shorts that are covered in little hearts provides some impish inspiration here. Guys love to have fun with their undergarments even more than the rest of their wardrobe, and its the one article of clothing that's especially for you. Find a website that allows you to custom-design boxers with a personalized embroidered message. Good ideas start with "I Love Sarah" (insert your name there), or "My Wife Loves How I Look in These" if you're cheeky. Play around; have some racy fun!
Guys don't get to wear much in the way of jewelry, so when they do, it’s done with extra relish. The traditional military dogtag is an opportunity for a guy to sport a necklace and still feel manly doing it. As a bonus, the design naturally lends itself toward inscription, allowing you to leave a mushy, romantic message hanging around your man’s neck, hiding in plain sight.
Jigsaw puzzles, long thought to be the realm of children and senior citizens alone, can find new life with just a little thought. Personalization Mall is a great site for all kinds of personal gifts lets you choose a brief message to be written out on a jigsaw puzzle, then presented to your hubby. Take the time on Valentine’s Day to piece together your personal puzzle together. It will be a sweet way to pass the time and an entertaining link between a hobby you had as kids and your present love for each other.
Whatever you get for that special guy this year, the most important thing is that it be about the two of you. Even the most simple gifts can become special if they are infused with a private joke, a shared experience, or a message that can only fully be understood by the two of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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