A Timeline for When Flowers Bloom

By Holly Schoch , last updated May 17, 2011

There is no timeline that can encompass every flower's blooming schedule, however there are some general guidelines that can help you when planning your garden. Flowers will either bloom in the spring, summer, fall, or winter. Some of the most common flowers that bloom in early spring include tulips, daffodils, and other bulbs that are commonly associated with early March. These flowers don't last long and will generally be gone by the time other spring flowers begin to bloom. The majority of flowers will bloom in late spring and early summer as the soil begins to heat up. The summer is the best for flower growth. There are many different sources where you can find out what types of flowers bloom when such as theflowerexpert.com. Dawesarb.org can also provide a comprehensive list of plant varieties and the time in which they will bloom. This will help you to know when their seeds should be planted.

The spring season is considered to fall between the months of March and May. The summer season falls between the months of June through August. September through November is the time for fall flowers and, lastly, winter flowers will arrive between December and February. These dates correlate with the Northern Hemisphere and will change if you are planting in the Southern Hemisphere.

By knowing when your flowers will bloom, you can design your garden so that it is constantly in color. However, be careful of intermingling plants being that they will require different nutrients at different types and you don't want to end up overfeeding or underfeeding plants nearby. It is also important to know when your flowers will bloom so that you can known when you should fertilize your flowers. Annuals should be fertilized right when they are planted and again mid-season. Perennial flowers, however, will need to be fertilized as new growth begins to emerge.

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