Tips for Buying a Domain Name for Your Business

By Andrew Otis , last updated July 13, 2011
When thinking about buying a domain name for your business there are a few factors to consider. Here are some tips in finding a business domain name.
What to Look For
You want your customers to find you easily. Your domain name will be your access point with the outside world, so it should be concise, unique and descriptive. It should end in .com, not .net or .us or others since you are a business. So, brainstorm some options of what you would like to call your company. Once you've come up with a good list, try going to's bulk search option to see what is available. It can be found here: You can check if the domain name is available on some auctions by checking it on: Hopefully your domain name is not being currently used. If it is, then it might be a squatter site which is held until someone like you comes along and purchases.
Clean History
Make sure that the site name you are thinking of has a clean history and has never been the host to some desultory company. Check out the history of the domain name you intend to purchase by going to, a website that analyzes the history of any domain name. It goes way back and pull what the website looked like anytime they “crawled” it. Lastly, do a search without the www. Prefix for your domain name to see what comes up in the search engine. Make sure there are no similar names or a pattern of not so nice search results that arise with your company's name.
When Buying
When you can, bargain with your domain broker. You have the opportunity to gain significant savings on your website if you bargain. Be careful with copyright regulations. While some website names might be available online, if they have clearly copyrighted names like microsoft, ibm, or sportsauthority, in them, then you could find yourself engulfed in a very nasty legal fight.
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