Tips for Buying Golf Equipment Online

By Shannon C , last updated December 11, 2011

When you are considering purchasing your golf clubs or other golf equipment online, there are some tips which can help you make a smart purchase. There can be some beginner mistakes and pitfalls to buying golf equipment online, but these tips can help you to avoid them. Learn great tips for buying golf equipment online and be on your way to find great golf equipment at equally great prices.

Tip One: Verify the Source

The first tip you should always follow when buying golf equipment online is to verify the source of the equipment before you submit your payment or agree to the transaction. This can be easier if you are just using an internet marketplace, such as Craig's List in your local area, as a meeting place to find equipment that you can go inspect in person before purchasing. But if you are making a long-distance internet purchase, verifying the source becomes much more critical, especially if your purchase is between you and a private third party or eBay seller rather than a retailer with a posted return policy. You want to be sure that the golf equipment you buy online is authentic, in good condition, and sold by a reputable dealer or trusted third party before you transmit any sensitive data such as a credit card number.

Tip Two: Know Your Budget

Because the internet is a worldwide marketplace which contains literally every piece of golf equipment you could ever dream of, the most successful technique for buying golf equipment online is to make a firm list of the exact pieces of equipment you are shopping for, and to write down your budget, before you start shopping. Otherwise, it becomes very easy for your eyes to grow bigger than your bank account, and you can easily overspend your budget. Again, this is less critical if the places you are shopping from have an easy return policy, but if you are buying from private resellers the chances of being able to return your purchases if you realize you've overspent are slim.

Tip Three: Know How to Inspect the Equipment Before Purchase

If you are purchasing golf clubs, you will want to be sure you inspect the shafts, the club heads, and the grips before you purchase to be sure they are solid and in good condition. If you are purchasing golf bags, gloves, balls, or tees, be sure that other customers have given the products good reviews and that the equipment is durable and in good condition if secondhand. Be especially wary if you are buying vintage golf clubs or equipment made from wood, as wood is no longer used to construct golf clubs due to its tendency to crack, splinter, and wear out more quickly.

Where to Buy Golf Equipment Online

If you are in the market for golf equipment online, there are some great online stores that can provide you with excellent prices for the golf equipment you seek. The Golf Warehouse, Golfsmith, Golfio, Golf Galaxy, Sports Authority, and Global Golf are great places to shop for new and pre-owned golf equipment.

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