Tips for Decorating Large Spaces

By Joseph King , last updated December 24, 2011

Large spaces can be extremely difficult to tackle when it comes to layout and design. With so much space, the possibilities can literally be endless and it can be tough to decide which direction to head in. Here are some design tips for decorating large spaces that may help to make things a little easier on you.

Divide the Room Up

One of the first options to explore is to divide the room up into sections. This can be achieved simply by the arrangement of furniture in the room, or you can purchase collapsible walls or hang curtains to achieve the same effect. You can have a section for watching television, a place to do your reading, and a place to do miscellaneous activities. What you designate the sections for is really up to you.

Paint the Ceiling and/or Walls

If you are looking to make the room appear smaller, you can paint the ceiling and walls a darker shade to make the room appear ans feel smaller (much like how you can paint spaces white to make them feel and appear bigger). This will give the room a smaller, more enclosed, cozy feeling to it.

Add Large Art Work

Having a large space to decorate can be a lot of fun. Consider hanging art on the walls to fill it in. Oil paintings, sports memorabilia, and photography can be a great way to add character or a theme to the room.

Add Crown Molding and Base Board Molding

You can also add a crown molding boarder around the ceiling and base boar molding along the bases of the walls to add character to the room. The nice thing about large spaces is the freedom to do whatever you want with little or no limitations. Have fun with it, as it is your space and the idea is to make it feel that way.

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