Tips for Growing Shrubs in Pots

By Jonathan Bales , last updated August 19, 2011

There are a wide variety of reasons that growing shrubs in pots can be a good idea. Most commonly, people grow shrubs in containers due to a lack of space. Thus, growing potted shrubs is a great option for city-dwellers. Potted shrubs can also be moved around easily, making it easier to keep them alive. When weather becomes harsh, simply relocate the shrub. Lastly, potted shrubs make for excellent focal points along a walkway or patio. Combine them with flowers for a beautiful arrangement. Growing potted shrubs is easier than you might think. The process is hardly different from growing shrubs in the ground. Read below for a few tips on how to properly grow shrubs in pots today.

Just like shrubs grown in the ground, potted shrubs require adequate sun, water, drainage and food. However, due to a lack of surrounding soil, potted shrubs often require extra water and fertilizer. This is important so that the potted shrub can acquire the nutrients necessary to survive and flourish. Also make sure the pot in which you place your shrub is large enough for the shrub and has adequate drainage. A clay pot with holes in the bottom usually works best. This allows water to properly drain from the pot, limiting the chance of diseases like root rot.

Occasionally, you will need to re-pot your shrubs. This is necessary when they become too large for their current home. It is important because, without adequate space, a shrub's roots will have nowhere to grow. It can also be healthy to re-pot a shrub because the plant receives new soil. When transporting a shrub to a new pot, do so delicately so as to not disturb the shrub's roots. Any shock a shrub goes through during the moving process will limit its chances of survival in its new pot.

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