Tips for Improving Your Accuracy With a Rifle

By Sam Feeder , last updated January 6, 2012

Tips for improving your accuracy with a rifle are helpful no matter how good a shot you are, since anyone can get rusty or need to improve their aim with a new gun. There are so many different rifles out there that shoot different types and sizes of ammunition that even if you are an excellent shot with one, you might not be very good with another. Of course, if you're a bad shot to begin with, these tips are key to honing your skills. Check out these rifle accuracy tips, listed below.

Clean the Rifle

The reason people clean guns on a regular basis is that carbon and copper will build up inside the barrel of the gun, among other places, and lead to inaccuracy when they shoot. So the first thing you should do with any rifle you are trying to improve your accuracy with is clean it completely, to be sure there is no internal crud that will throw your shot off. You'll need a brush that can fit down the barrel of the gun, as well as solvents that are safe to use on guns. Most important, make sure the gun is not loaded before you attempt to clean it.

Use Different Ammunition

Use a number of different types of ammunition with the rifle you are trying to improve your shot with. Different ammunitions have different weights and shoot in much different ways out of the same gun. This will be a trial and error process, but test out different ammunitions to find out which one you are most accurate with. When you find it, use it exclusively with that gun.

Check your Trigger

Triggers are one of the most active parts of any rifle and suffer a lot of direct physical abuse each time the gun is fired. On old rifles this is one of the main causes of inaccuracy, so you should have this checked, improved, or replaced by a gunsmith. This alone will improve your accuracy more then you ever would have imagined.

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