Tips for Overwintering Brugmansia

By Shannon C , last updated May 4, 2011

Brugmansia, commonly referred to as Angel's Trumpets, are warm weather plants that fare poorly when temperatures begin to drop and therefore need to be overwintered. It can be helpful for gardeners in colder climates to prepare for the need to winterize Brugmansia by cultivating this lovely flowering plant in containers or pots rather than in free soil. Brugmansia adapts quite readily to the change in situation when moved from outdoors to an inside environment for winter, but will do so much more easily without the added stress of transplantation annually. Follow these tips from experts to successfully overwinter Brugmansia in your own home or garden setting.

Select the Right Location

To begin, review indoor options for ovewintering Brugmansia. Since Brugmansia must be moved indoors before the first frost, the first location should mimic cooler fall conditions, with temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit and little or no light. This will encourage winter dormant behaviors, including leaf drop. If it is preferred to continue growing Brugmansia as a houseplant, however, then install Brugmansia in a bright sunny location with temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Preparing Brugmansia for Overwintering

There are several steps that should be taken to prepare a Brugmansia plant for overwintering. After selecting the location in which to overwinter Brugmansia, the next step is to prepare the plant for being moved indoors. The most important aspect of preparing an outdoor plant for indoor life is to ensure that no pests or disease come indoors with the plant. Carefully examine the Brugmansia plant and container for signs of garden pests or disease. Treat the plant outdoors for any detected health issues prior to moving it indoors so that the issue will not spread to other household plants. Next, it is time to prune back Brugmansia for winter. Experts recommend pruning Brugmansia back rather extensively before overwintering.

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