Tips for Reaching your Weight Loss Goals

By Laura Richter , last updated December 14, 2011

These tips for reaching your weight loss goals will help you create lasting success. A diet should teach you how to eat properly. Too often, people follow weight loss plans that do not fit into their lifestyles. They may skip meals or forgo exercising. Through changing your habits and attitude, you can reach your ideal weight.

Choose the Right Weight Loss Program

Choosing the right diet program is one of the most important things you can do to lose weight. Pick a program that will match your lifestyle. Some programs, such as Weight Watchers, will require you to track each meal in a diary. Other programs may ask you to eat specific foods. You should take the cost of food and membership into account before joining a program.

Keep in mind that your program should help you maintain the weight loss. It will teach you a new and hopefully healthy way to eat. If the program is too complex or strict, you will likely fail. Research programs and ask questions before making a commitment.


Exercise is a fabulous way to reach your weight loss goals. Cardiovascular workouts, such as aerobics and walking, will help you burn calories. They will also raise your metabolism. If you have not exercised regularly, you can start by taking a daily walk. It will help you take time for yourself each day. Walking outside is a great way to meditate and center yourself. You could also use a workout DVD, join a gym, or learn how to dance. Have fun with whatever form of exercise you choose.


Many successful athletes know the best way to achieve success is through visualization. Picturing yourself thin and confident will help you avoid self-defeating patterns. Many people believe it has to do with your subconscious. Through holding the image in your mind, you are programming yourself to succeed.

You can visualize yourself fitting into a small dress or pants size. When you feel relaxed, picture yourself going through your daily life at your goal weight. Imagine how your body feels. You can practice visualization during lunch, as you watch TV, or before you get out of bed. Taking time each day to picture success will help you stay on track.

Take Time to Eat

Overeating is easy when you multi-task. Munching while you read the newspaper, watch TV, or type on the computer is a popular pastime. It is also a fantastic way to gain weight. Before you know it, that bowl of chips will be gone. You will have no memory of eating it. Take time to enjoy your snack or meal. It will require self-discipline to concentrate on your food. You may feel as though you have to finish quickly. Be sure you slow down and taste your food. It will be a fulfilling experience. By slowing down, you are less likely to overeat.

Do Not Skip Meals

Not eating is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a dieter. Starving yourself will not make you eat less; it will only cause you to eat more later. Binging and starving is a destructive cycle that will not make you thin. In fact, it may negatively affect your metabolism. Your goal should be to learn how to eat healthily. Eating breakfast will set your metabolism for the day. It will also help you avoid overeating during the afternoon.

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