Tips for Repurposing Old Kitchen Utensils as Planters

By Heidi Green , last updated April 30, 2011

There are all kinds of ways to repurpose old kitchen utensils as planters. Smaller plants, such as cacti and succulents, will look cute and kitschy in repurposed planters, which make great conversation pieces. The following article provides a list of tips for repurposing old kitchen utensils as planters, which may also inspire you to think of your own crafty ideas!

Flour Sifter Planter

Flour sifters make perfect planters, because the fine mesh bottom allows for great drainage. Antique flower sifters make country chic planters, while newer flower sifters can add modern flair in the kitchen or garden. Simply fill the flour sifter with soil and a plant, and you're ready to go! Be sure to add a drainage tray underneath if you'll be using this cute planter indoors.

Soup Ladle Planter

Old soup ladles can make adorable planters for shallow-rooted specimens such as small cacti and succulents. Most even have a hole in the handle, which allows you to hang them on a sunny wall. Simply fill with a good cactus soil, plant a couple of small cacti or succulents, and top with gravel. A few of these planted next to each other would make a stunning kitchen planter arrangement.

Measuring Cup Planter

If you've got an old set of measuring cups, why not turn them into cute little planters? Old metal measuring cups will look chic and cozy. Because of their small volume, you'll probably want to stick with smaller cacti and succulents, which can do without drainage holes as long as they're watered sparingly. Of course, it's always better to provide drainage holes if possible. Arrange several measuring cup planters on an old serving tray or plate, or use just one as a solo planter.

These are just a few ideas for repurposing old kitchen utensils as planters. With creativity, you can think of many more on your own!

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