Tips for Using Fishing Bells

By Jason Marshall , last updated February 12, 2012

Using fishing bells on your next outing on the water is a great way to enhance your fishing experience. Fishing bells have various uses. You can use them to either attract catches or to serve as an alarm letting you know your line has a catch. Either way, fishing bells can make your day of fishing more productive and, in turn, more exciting and more fun. But what do fishing bells do and how are they meant to be used?

One popular way to attract fish in rivers and lakes is known as trolling. This method simply involves stringing out a weighted core line which is fashioned with a series of attractors. The line is then dragged behind a moving boat. Though you can use flashing metal blades or lights, one of the most effective attractors are fishing bells.
But success with bells as an attractor isn’t as simple as attaching a bell to a line and plopping it in the water. You need to know which fish populate the waters you are fishing in, what the depth of the water is, and what types of bells will work best to attract them is that level of water. There are three types of cowbells, which are spoon-shaped bells used for fishing, each appropriate for very different circumstances.
Baby cowbells are best for shallow clear water where the fish don’t grow very large. These bells will emit a softer tone which will attract, rather than repel the small fish. If you are in a river or lake with deeper water and you expect to catch fish anywhere between 10 and 20 inches, you should move up to a standard bell. For large fish over 20 inches you will want to choose the giant bell. The giant is also good for use in water that is murky. These will attract larger fish, though you do want to be careful, as the larger bells can scare away smaller fish, on which large fish prey.
Fishing bells are also a great way to fish at night. Failure to quickly recognize a bite on your line may mean missing the catch and without the sunlight you may miss the tell-tale signs that there is a fish nibbling at your bait. When they take the bait and pull the line, the bell will ring, alerting you that you have a fish on the line. All you have to do is attach the bell to the tip of your rod. There it will be sensitive to movement on the line and be able to alert you to catches. Some great fishing bell brands include the Eagle Claw Clamp On Fishing Bells and the Danielson Fishing Bells, which include a luminous clip.
Nighttime isn’t the only time fishing bells work well for monitoring your fishing line. They also work well for lazy days when you would rather snooze under a tree or read a book than keep your eyes transfixed on your line. The bell serves the same purpose as night fishing, but instead of monitoring lines obscured by darkness, it allows you freedom to relax on a way day while still having a chance to catch dinner.
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