Top 3 Deep Sea Fishing Tips

By Sam Feeder , last updated January 4, 2012

Knowing the insider tips to deep sea fishing are key to making the most of your deep sea fishing experience. Most deep sea fishing excursions entail chartering a deep sea fishing boat for an expensive rate per person per day or taking out fishing poles and bait on a friend's yacht and hoping to catch something. This can be a total waste of time if you don't know what you are doing, how to fish or where to fish, yielding only boredom and possible sea sickness. However, if you follow some of the 3 deep sea fishing tips listed below, you will have a much better chance at catching some large fish from the ocean depths.

Fish Close to a Reef

Reefs are hot beds of life and activity for smaller fish, which means that bigger fish looking for a meal are often drawn into a reef or along its outskirts. If you run your deep sea fishing bait along these reef areas, the chances of drawing the attention of a larger, hungry game fish are much greater. Look into where the reefs are in the area where you are deep sea fishing and cruise by them for a greater chance of success.

Know the Bait

Know what the larger fish in your area are feeding on at each time of the year, and specifically when you are fishing for them. This is something you usually have to pay attention to with any type of fishing, but when it comes to deep sea fishing you will often need to look into buying a specific type of bait to put on your hook. It's easy to find this out by talking to some experienced deep sea fishing anglers in your area.

Watch out for Other Species

Make sure when fishing for things like tuna, you watch out for dolphins and ocean animals that you would never want to catch or are not allowed to catch. Study the difference between the good species in the waters you are fishing and learn ways to avoid catching them.

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