Top 3 Mini Fishing Rods

By Ashley Berg , last updated January 4, 2012

Mini fishing rods are fun tools that can often be as useful as their full-sized counterparts but in a compact and portable design. Whether hiking, taking a walk on the beach, or on an extended camping trip, a mini fishing rod is a handy accessory that is often rugged enough to shame the full size poles. Here are three of the top mini fishing rods available perfect for an impromptu trip.

Ronco Pocket Fisherman

Though it may seem cheesy at first, the as-seen-on-TV Ronco Pocket Fisherman is surprisingly well reviewed and is an unexpectedly quality product. It features a rod and reel loaded with fishing line. It also has a hook, swivel weight, and bobber, everything you need in a simple portable pole. A removable wrist strap is included to better hold onto the short handle. Quiet, smooth, and light it is ideal for keeping in the glove compartment of your car for quick trips. It is extremely affordable at under $20.

Mini Pen Fishing Rod

This fishing rod and reel claims to be the smallest set in the world. It is made of fiberglass and aluminum alloy making it light but sturdy. It is only eight inches long when closed up, but it reaches almost 40 inches in length when extended. The kit comes with a rod, 20 meters of line, a reel, two floats, and two hooks and weighs less than half a pound in total. Grab it at for about $16.

NGC Mini Fishing Rod

This little guy starts at just seven inches and telescopes out to a whopping 42 inches once extended. Created by a company that has been in business over 30 years you can count on this pole to handle even larger size fish. It comes with a spinning reel, ten free walking worms, and 120 yards of line loaded. Grab it for about $25.

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